Jiber is a free iPhone app that helps you uncover a world of similarities you share with people you meet in the real world.

Sign in with your Facebook account to start (then optionally link your Twitter account).

When you meet someone in person, whether a new acquaintance or an old friend, you meet by simultaneously shaking your phones (like a handshake) which connects the two devices virtually.

Jiber will then dive into all that wonderful depth of content you've shared over the years on these networks - your mutual friends, the places you've visited or want to visit, your interests and passions - and offer a score (which we call "Jiber score") to represent your similarity, as a percentage, 99% being a remarkably close match.

  • Find common ground, shared passions, and a Jiber score when you meet.
  • Get a record of who you met and when.
  • Connect with people without names or addresses: just shake your phones.
  • Get Facebook and Twitter links to add people at your convenience.
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