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What is Jiber

Jiber is a mobile application that helps you make more meaningful connections with people you meet in the real world. It's available now on the App Store.

How does Jiber work

Jiber is the evolution of the handshake -- with this age-old gesture, we're exchanging contact details wrapped by surprising but relevant commonalities between people when they meet. It's breaking the ice, getting rid of business cards, and making meaningful connections.

What do I do with Jiber

As someone who uses the Internet once said, "Use the Internet to get off the Internet." We want people to get involved with the people around us and be social. Check out some user testimonials here.

Q & A

Do you store my private information?
Security is extremely important to us. We do not store private, personal information from your social networks on our servers.

How do I add people to my contact list?
To add contacts to your app, you need to meet people and shake your phones simultaneously, or you can invite someone using their email address.

When is it available on Android?
We are currently available for iPhones and are looking to launch on Android soon. Stay tuned.

Why does the other person not show up when we shake?
In indoor areas, it may take more than a shake to confirm the other person, so just keep shaking... and give it some mustard!

Where did the idea come from?
Read "Whey we're building Jiber" and more on our blog.

Who's the Jiber team

Jiber is made in Vancouver, Canada by Noah Bloom ( Twitter | LinkedIn ) and Dima Berastau ( Twitter | LinkedIn ).

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Noah Bloom, Co-Founder and CEO

Dima Berastau, Co-Founder and CTO

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